All You Wanted To Know About Dog Sunscreen

Dog sunscreen is as important as human sunscreen. Many people use sunscreen on their bodies before they can go out to play on a sunny day.

The use of sunscreen prevents the formation of painful and tight contractions as a result of exposure of the skin to sunshine. Although not many people knew about sunscreen for dogs in the past, this product has been gaining popularity over the recent past. Nevertheless, some people face challenges when it comes to determining when a dog needs this product. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the fact that there is no sufficient information online about this product.

How do you know if your dog needs sunscreen?

Basically, pets with shaved areas need dog sunscreen to prevent such parts of the body from getting burned. Even dogs with a pale nose require this product. White or pale-nosed dogs are exposed to developing tumours in such areas. In most dogs, these are the major parts exposed to tumours induced by exposure to the sun.

If your dog likes sunbathing on its back it can get tumours on its inguinal area. This is the space between the pet’s back legs. It is important to ensure that any part of the dog where there is thin skin or no hair is growing on such parts of the skin. In many dogs, sunburns occur in places where there is no hair growing on the skin of a pet. Therefore, make sure that your pet is protected from sunburns by applying dog sunscreen in such places each time you go out with your dog.

Whats the difference between dog sunscreen and human sunscreen?

Some people think that they can use human sunscreen on dogs. This is not advisable since there are sunscreens designed specifically for use on dogs. However, baby or sensitive skin sunscreens may be used on dogs. In most cases, human sunscreens are used as first aid for dogs when there is pet sunscreen or other dog treatment products. They work effectively in relieving dogs of the pain on the injured part.

Nevertheless, as a pet owner, it is important to ensure that you are always cautious when using different sunscreens on your dog. Some sunscreens could have toxic ingredients that can poison your dog when it licks it off. For instance, if you notice that sunscreen has Zinc oxide avoid using it on your dog because it can make your dog anemic.

Can you use dog sunscreen on a human?

Although sunscreens are designed for similar use which is to protect the skin from sunburns, the pet’s sunscreens differ from those of humans. Therefore, it is not advisable to use dog sunscreen on human skin. Instead, look for human sunscreen when you want to protect yourself from sunburns. Also, avoid using human sunscreens on dogs because of the toxic components of some human sunscreens.

The current market has different brands of sunscreens that you can use on your pet. Carry out some research in the market to find out which brand is the best for your pet. You can read dog sunscreen reviews written by pet owners to get insights on the right brand for your pet.