Which Dog Clippers are Suitable for Your Pet?

Whilst dog grooming services are excellent, they can become extremely costly, especially if your pet needs regular clipping. Investing in a nice set of dog clippers is a practically good alternative. There are countless types of pet clippers available on the market. Some are specially designed for specific breeds of dogs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from various categories including electric clippers, manual clippers and cordless dog clippers. 

Before purchasing you must consider few factors:

1. Price

It is better for you to avoid the cheap/low-priced end of the market. Many dog owners have reported that cheap clippers do not perform efficiently. Most of them are not capable of cutting properly and get bogged down. Cheap products struggle to get through your pet’s most coats, making clipping painful for your dog as well as you. You are most likely to regret wasting your hard-earned money on such low-performance products. Therefore, you are suggested to invest your money in a good set of dog clippers, even if they are a little expensive.

2. Efficiency

Always opt for professional dog clippers. Apart from being highly efficient, they are long-lasting. Most professional clippers last for more than ten years if used with care. You might need to replace the blade now and then, but it is still better than buying clippers again and again. Quality dog shears are undoubtedly a sensible investment, not an expense.

3. Brand

There are a number of brands in Australia offering quality dog shears. Among them, Oster, Andis, Wahl and Laube are considered best. A great feature with the mentioned brands is that the standard blades of their dog clippers are usually interchangeable, in order that Andis clipper blades also fit Wahl or Oster pet clippers, and vice versa.

4. Variable Length Attachments

Dog shears with attachments having variable-length options are extremely handy. It is convenient to be able to groom your pet to suit its body parts, the breed of dog and the time of year, all with a single set of clippers. Normally, pet owners give their shears a relatively light use. Thus, your high-quality clippers are most likely to outlast your current pet/dog. It would be satisfying to know that you can still use your dog grooming clippers even if your new pet is a different breed.

5. Extra Clipper Blades

Dog shears that include different sized spare blades are usually worth extra money. It is normal for the blades to cost you approximately 25% of the professional clippers’ original price. While professional products last longer than normal ones, they are comparatively expensive to replace. Unprofessional/Normal shears come with specialized blade sizes for a particular areas of the pet’s body. However, professional groomers can cope with any dog breed’s body coat.

How to make you dog clippers last longer

Looking after dog hair clippers is highly suggested. Avoid clipping when your dog is dirty, as the grit and sand can damage the device. Always give your pet a bath before grooming. 

Furthermore, clean the shears properly and lubricate them regularly.