Why Are Dogs Considered Man’s Best Friend?

Is Your Dog Your Best Friend?

So many people regard dogs as the best companion, instead of humans. In fact, some people would rather shower their dogs with gifts and then spend money on anything else.

But when you see the look in your precious pup’s eyes when you come home from work, or the warmth of their body when you’re curled up together, can you blame them?

With 38% of Australian households owning a dog, it’s clear we’re a nation of pooch lovers.

So let’s take a deep dive into why people would prefer a descendant of the wolf to be their partner for life.

How Are Dogs a Man’s Best Friend?

The only thing in this world that will love you unconditionally is your dog. They will not divorce you when they find your small intricacies annoying.

When your friends are gone, your dog will always be at your side.

No money? Your dog won’t care if you only have a dollar, or if you have millions in your bank account. (Though they may expect an upgrade in the quality of dog food you buy!).

Your dog will kiss your hand even when it has no food to offer and when you are sick, your dog will try to heal you.

So we know dogs go the extra mile to express their love and affection for their owners, but why?

Why Are Dogs Built This Way?

To understand better as why dogs act in such a way, we need to look at the characteristics of dogs.

Dogs can recognize emotions in humans by combining information from different senses — an ability that has never previously been observed outside of humans, a new study published today reveals.

This proves that dogs are empathetic, much like our animal counterpart—the great apes.

The ability to understand human emotions can very well be the reason why they are a man’s best friend.

After all, if your dog notices you are feeling sad and comforts you, isn’t that the measure of friendships?

4 Benefits of Owning a Dog

1. Health

There are many reasons why you should own a dog. Not only are they cute, cuddly and protect you from harm. They also keep you healthy.

It’s been shown that dogs don’t just fill up your heart, but actually, make it stronger too. Canine companions are linked to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and decreased triglyceride levels which are linked with lower cardiovascular issues.

According to the health experts at Proactive Health, the list of benefits that come with dog ownership goes on, saying “in this modern day it is easy to feel overrun with stress. Owning a dog can reduce stress and anxiety, with dogs shown to ease the tension between couples as well as increase serotonin and dopamine – both great for your mood.”

Perhaps dogs are just natural stress relievers, since being with them are therapeutic. Without extra stress in your life, imagine how much money you could save? In this way, dogs might also qualify as a money-saving tool too!

2. Fitness

Owning a dog doesn’t mean you have slaves. It is the other way around. You have to bathe them, buy toys for them, feed them and take them for a walk. 

Adults in Australia typically get 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate exercise each week. If you’re a dog owner you likely get a whole heap more.

According to the experts at Get A Healthy Life, having a dog can be extremely beneficial for older people, noting “walking the dog can help older people experience lower body mass index, reduce doctor visits, and promote vigorous exercise that helps keep ageing bodies healthy.”

3. Live Longer

Dogs may be beneficial in reducing cardiovascular risk in their owners by providing social support and motivation for physical activity.

Based on 12 years of research, studies have shown cardiovascular deaths in dog owners are less likely to happen compared to non-dog owners. Due to the increased physical activity that comes with taking care of a friendly canine.

This is reinforced by the experts at Flex Osteopathy Adelaide who say, “outside of the physical benefits, with mobility and healthy joints a by-product of exercising with your dog regularly, canines can also ease depression and isolation, commonly experienced by older demographics.”

That means you don’t just enjoy life more with a dog – you enjoy more of life!

4. Protection

Dogs are great at protecting you. As loyal creatures, why are they so protective?

It may come from the fact that they are descendants of the wolf. They live and roam in packs. And this biological behaviour means they see you as the leader of the pack, and worthy of protecting. 

The dog considers you as part of the pack, family. When its family is threatened, it will retaliate. This is why you should always be careful when you are near puppies. When protective instincts take over, it’s clear that having a dog in your life means having someone in your corner. 

Looking for a way to pay back your four-legged friend?

As well as protecting us, it’s important we protect them. According to transport experts Secureship, “finding the right transport tech, harness or collar can make all the difference when you take your pup on the road.”