Tips in Buying Dog Supplies: Feeding Bowl, Leash and Toys

Dogs are now more than just best friends. For many pet lovers, their canines are part of the family. This alone gives a viable reason for choosing only the best when buying dog supplies.

Dog food and pet hygiene products are not the only necessities inside a household with a pooch. And buying these must-haves entails a keen eye, especially when you want to endow your pet with utmost care.

Buying the Bowl

Everything that your dog eats can affect its health. On the same token, the cleanliness of its eating area and bowl contributes to the pooch’s good health.

  • Dog bowls are made from plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. Truth be told, each of these kinds has its own advantages. Nothing is better than the other, as long as the condition of the dog is considered. Plastic bowls are ideal for pet owners on tight budgets. But you have to ensure that your dog is not wayward. Otherwise, the dog food contained in the bowl may spill on the floor, cause a mess, and waste your money.
  • Ceramic bowls are great options for households with playful pets. They are nice, easy to clean, and heavy weight. Then again, these are more expensive than plastic ones. They should not also be placed on elevated platforms as they could fall and break.
  • Stainless steels serve as the middle ground between plastic and ceramic bowls. They are heavier than plastics, but cheaper than ceramic. Stainless also works well for dogs with tendency to have allergies and skin diseases.


You may have probably noticed that there are different kinds of leashes inside a dog store. One comes with a tie that goes around the dog’s neck. Other kinds mimic body braces. Again, one is not better than the other. Their benefits and harm depend on the size of the dog you would use the leashes for.

Smaller dogs should be held with the body leash. The neck “ties” may be too loose for their tiny heads. Pooches are also generally more fragile than canines, and pressure around their neck may cause them to choke.

Canines, with their large size, will do just fine with the neck leash. The muscles around their neck are strong enough to withstand the pressure from the tie when they run. At the same time, neck leash lessens their momentum when running, thereby allowing their owners to control them easier.


Chew toys are every dog’s joy. Unfortunately, many pet owners fail to keep a keen eye on the toys they buy for their dogs.

When buying dog supplies for playtime, pick items that do not have parts that can easily be disassembled. A ball, for instance, is more ideal than a toy rabbit with ears that can be chewed out and swallowed by the pooch.

The material should also be a consideration. Soft rubbers can be easily damaged by the sharp teeth of your dog. Softer chew playthings are for the small pooch, and hard rubbers are perfect for large canines.