Arthritis in Dogs: There’s still hope!

Dogs may be your best friends but do you treat them the same way?

Yes! Most pet owners treat their animals like their own children and pamper them completely. Dogs are the most amazing of all pets and have been guarding our houses and property since times long forgotten. But that’s not their only quality as dogs are great companions who sense you every mood swing, play with you when you want to play, play with you when you don’t want to play (!), do things that make you laugh; the fact is, their world revolves around you and that is a great responsibility indeed for any pet loving owner. But sometimes it is impossible to understand what the problem that ails your dog is when it can’t walk properly. If you can’t see any cuts or wounds and your pet is old enough, then it may very well be dog arthritis.

There are several symptoms of arthritis in dogs including:

  • Stiff joints
  • Favoring one limb over the other
  • Gain in weight
  • Sleeping problems
  • Decrease inactivity and playtime.
  • Decreased appetite
  • Whimpering

If any of these symptoms persist for more than two weeks, you should consult your veterinarian who may advise a full body checkup and X-rays. If the joint pain is diagnosed as arthritis then don’t lose hope! Many ways and medications exist that can cure your pet and make his life more comfortable.

There are many ways you can help your dog in his rough time: 

  1. Make sure you have a comfortable bed for the pet to sleep on. If it’s unwilling to sleep inside, then materials like foam must be placed on the floor for the same purpose. As the dog will probably be unable to jump, make sure the bedding is at a reachable height or on the ground itself. 
  1. Feeding should also be monitored as an obese dog will more likely put extra strain on the already weak joints and cause severe pain. So, limit the food intake to keep weight under control. 
  1. Exercise shouldn’t be overlooked and done carefully for a limited time like 10 to 15 minutes daily. This helps to keep the muscles limber and joints less rickety. Hard floors and tiles are generally slippery which is the last thing you need! 

Go for a cork flooring that has a better grip and helps your dog maintain proper balance. Rugs and rubber runners can also be utilized wherever possible.


Non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medications are usually advised for pain relief. Glucosamine for dogs is one medication that has proven to be extremely effective. When given orally, like Glucosamine Aristopet as a nutritional supplement, it is readily absorbed and evenly distributed throughout the joints and tissues. Its anti-inflammatory properties make life a lot less painful for your dog. It not only relieves the existing pain but has also been known to boost activity and joint strength, making your pet joyful and happy again.

Arthritis in dogs is not the end of the line. Tips and tricks mentioned above, along with proper nutritional supplements are the perfect way to help your dog and your chance to repay their never-ending friendship!