Dog Toys And Other Pet Toys

Giving your dog and other pets some toys to play with helps to improve their overall health and happiness. By playing with toys, dogs and other pets get a chance to exercise thus relieving stress and pent up energy. They also provide an opportunity for pets to get entertained and socialize with humans or other pets as they play.

The following are some useful points that you should note when it comes to dog and other pet toys.

What dog toys/bones are the best for dogs who are chewers?

Most dogs love chewing things. However, some dogs – chewers love it more than the others. If you have a dog, you need to get him one or two dog toys that he can play with. The best toys for chewers are balls and pet toys with a thick natural rubber exterior. Pet toys with hard leather covering are also good.

You should not give chewers dog toys made of wood, soft rubber or anything that can be torn up easily. The dog can swallow the materials of such toys when they come loose, which may end up blocking his small intestines. This will make your lovely companion fall sick, or even pass away. Dog toys made of hard materials such as wood can injure his mouth and teeth.

The best dog toys for chewers are specially treated natural bones. You can get these bones from an online store together with balls and thick rubber-covered toys. Some of the best brands include the Nylabone Dura Chew, Wishbone Chew Toy, Original Flavor, Wolf, Kong Extreme Dog Toy, Unpredict A Ball, Atomic bouncing ball and many others.

How do you get a dog unafraid of dog toys?

Some dogs, especially the young ones who are trying to learn more about their environment are normally afraid of toys when they come across them for the first time. If your dog has this problem, just leave them for some time in his place so that he can inspect them and be comfortable with them. However, if the problem does not cease, you can rub the toys with some meat soup or broth. Alternatively, put the toys into his food. But ensure they are clean before you do so. The dog will get a chance to inspect the toys and get used to them with time. Some dogs are usually scared by squeaky toys. If you have such a dog, get him some other toys, or disable the squeaky sound. There is a wide range of pet toys that do not make any squeaky sound, which you can find from a reputed online store such as

What is a dog’s best first toy?

Young puppies love chewing things up. Chewing helps young pups to lose their sets of baby teeth before developing their adult teeth. So, the best first toy for a dog is always something that he can chew. There are excellent pet toys for chewers that you can get from a pet shop, including, naturally treated bones, toys with thick rubber or leather exteriors and balls.

How do you know what type of toy is best for your type of dog?

The type of dog toys you are going to buy for your dog will depend much on his size and his age. Large breeds love playing with larger-sized pet toys, while smaller ones are more comfortable with small-sized toys. Small toys such as balls can choke a large breed. However, this is not a strict rule, and some big dogs can play with small tennis balls. Some puppies also enjoy playing with large balls.

Special needs such as teething may also play a role when you are buying toys for your dog. A teething dog will appreciate treated natural bones or any other toy that he can chew.