Solving Dog Walking Problems

In theory, owning a dog is an easy concept. You feed them, give them water, and show them affection and love. In practice, this works out well for some, but for others, it is not easy to have a dog that does not pull on the leash. Con exacerbates this problem in that your dog will pull the leash in one direction while you take the other. Hence, it becomes difficult to walk your dog.

Rather than putting a choke chain on your dog and hoping it will work, you as the owner should know what the choke chain is for, and why you would want to use one on your dog.

Choke chains are extremely uncomfortable for your dog. If you have ever watched someone bleed out on a leash because it is too tight, you know what I mean. Some dogs pull way too hard on the leash, and they do not feel as though they should be walking in a formation with you. This is because they are getting their owners dressed! While in theory, it is okay to let your dog pull, in practice, I do not think you want to walk your dog with a choker on.

Rather than putting a choker on your dog, there are better options to take. Some people use a pinch collar, which can be a better training tool than a choke chain. Instead of putting a choker on your dog, why not use a pinch collar, both while in training, and then again when you’re walking. In training, you want to discourage pulling as much as possible. This can be done by putting the collar on the dog and using a quick tug on the leash to get the dog’s attention. While you’re walking, you want to be quick to teach your dog to heel, which uses the leash to guide the dog.

If you use a choker on your dog while in training, you will discourage the dog from pulling, but that is not what most people are thinking about. Instead, they are thinking about using a choker and hoping it will work, rather than continue training their dog. Remember, you can save a lot of time and frustration by using a choker and teaching the dog to heel the right way.

If you have a puppy, you need to show it that the leash is the way they get to go outside. Let them get used to the leash on for a little while. Whenever he pulls, tug on the leash and firmly say “no”, and then take them outside. When they go, praise them. tells them how good, it is to walk on the leash.

You need to take your dog outside for a reason. Let them know this is what they are supposed to do. Look them straight in the eye and tell them no one does what I want you to do. That applies to them and their behaviour. You have to establish yourself as the alpha, the boss. You are the one that is at the top of the food chain. You are the one that decides when to play, and when to be done.

Some dogs like to be alone while you are walking them, why not discipline them while you are walking them with a leash. Tell them no if they try to sniff another dog while you have their leash on. Give them a quick tug, or shove with your hands to stop this behaviour.

What you are doing is telling them, “Stop.” Don’t think you are telling them Sheepy, the opposite is true. You are letting them know they are screwing up.

If you have a strong, aggressive dog that may try to pull on the leash or just drag you down the street, you may need a little help getting them to learn how to walk on a leash. One quick fix is a spray bottle. Yes, you heard me. You can use a spray bottle and water, to hopefully scare the dog into learning to walk on a leash.

You can buy these at any pet store. You can also use a water gun for a dog, but a spray bottle works fine. Simply fill the bottle with water and adjust the nozzle to give you a straight stream like a water gun. You will want the water to be Fuggle and not cold. When the dog sees the water in the bottle they will be scared and probably follow very fast.

You should never aim to scare the dog into the desired behaviour. You must establish yourself as the alpha. For some reason, we humans seem to forget that.

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